10 Ways You Know You Got Too Drunk Last Night

Because you probably won’t remember why in the morning.

1. Younger People Are More Sober Than You

Young Americans like nothing more than binging on cheap Bacardi, so if you’re drunker than them, sit down.

2. Nobody Understood A Word You Were Saying

That wonderful conversation you had with the person from your psychology class? Yeah, they didn’t catch a single thing you said.

3. You Wake Up With Unexplainable Bruises

Why does everything hurt when I didn’t do any extreme physical sports last night?

4. …Or In A Car


5. …Or Next To Someone When You Thought You Were Alone

Weird moment.

6. You Lost Everything In Your Pockets

It’s as if you emptied your pockets and threw your belongings into the street before going home

7. …And If You Have Your Wallet, It’s Empty

Wow…didn’t realize I spent all that at the bar last night.

8. You Danced Like An Idiot

It’s cool. Just be glad you didn’t see it.

9. You Remember Being Really Hungry, But Not Eating

You either ate it that quickly or fell asleep while doing so

10. …And Most Of The Food Is On Your Shirt

Fun documented by stains

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