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8 New York City Bagels That Are Downright Hole-y

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Bergen Bagels

This little Park Slope bagel nook is not glamorous by any means, and there's usually a line on the weekends, but when I tell you that the face-sized egg bagel with basil cream cheese is like taking a bite out of heaven, I mean it. The bagel is appropriately eggy with just the right amount of fluff, and, out of the huge array of schmear flavors, the basil is the best. It's evenly sweet, salty, richly creamy, and basil-y without being overpowering.

Bagel Pub

Crown Heights is known for the excellent Caribbean food, but no one is complaining about the addition of the Park Slope-born bagel and coffee shop. There is always a line, and it's always loaded with hungry hipsters, but a warm pumpernickel bagel with satisfyingly salty bacon scallion cream cheese is absolutely worth it.

Bagel Hole / Via

Surprise! Bagel Hole is a hole in the wall. If you're a seasoned New Yorker, it's not so surprising that the hand rolled, boiled (not steamed) bagels that come out of this tiny brown-awninged shop are incredible. Go plain on plain with a thick layer of fluffy white full-fat cream cheese on the glossy, decidedly-not-plain-plain bagel that has a crunchy exterior and a soft interior--even without toasting.

Black Seed Bagels

Okay, so it's not a "New York bagel" per se... but since it's here and it's an Instagram phenomenon worth the calories, we have to bring it up. Get a crispy poppy seed bagel with the tangy horseradish cream cheese. The catch is they don't boil their hand rolled bagels, they wood fire them Montreal-style.

Murray's Bagels

Via Facebook: MurraysBagels

This Greenwich Village staple is widely known for having carefully honed and taste-tested boiled dough rings (yes, bagels). You can't go wrong with a classic everything bagel loaded with a unique flavor like a hearty layer of sun-dried tomato and roasted garlic cream cheese.

Terrace Bagels

The Windsor Terrace shop is nothing to look at, that is until you get an eyeful of that refrigerated display case loaded with all sorts of creamy options. *Starts sweating* This place does make those rainbow bagels, but you should go with really any other fresh bagel option especially when you top them with sweet walnut and raisin cream cheese, although the literal half-inch layer of classic plain is pretty incredible (don't leave without a cup of Joe).

Tompkins Square Bagels

Via Facebook: TSBagels

The East Village is rife with great food joints, and this red brick bagel shop is no exception. What's different is that while most places seem to specialize in a singular instagramable fad, Tompkins Square has a gigantic menu (seriously, check the menu for your own sanity before going). Stick to the plain or sourdough bagel because this place boasts truly unique cream cheese flavors like, cookie dough, birthday cake, wasabi, and pear... good luck!

Zucker's Bagels and Smoked Fish

At this Downtown deli that stakes its claim on both bagels and smoked fish, you simply cannot just order one of the traditionally hand rolled, kettle-boiled bagels with some simple schmear. You have to go all out with the Lox sandwich: pick a bagel (toasted sesame is the best), pick your cream cheese (definitely plain), and top it with smoked Nova Scotia salmon, sliced onions, tomatoes, and capers.

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