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5 Things You Didn't Know Selfies Said About You

Horror? Liberation? What is the reality?

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1. Confidence

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When you're taking a selfie, you take a picture of your own face and sent it to someone, posted it up or you made it your profile picture. If that doesn’t scream confidence; frankly I am not sure what does. There are plenty of people who do not send a picture of themselves to anyone, not even their closest friend in the whole entire universe. Rob Yeung (2011) also talks about confidence & self-love being essential to healthy living. Despite the norm selfies have become, it screams confidence, continue radiating pride.

2. Patience

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Wow, you have a lot of patience. Think about it, picture after picture after picture AFTER PICTURE. In one pose, then another and another- the duck face, teethie smiles, closed mouthed smile, or open mouthed ones. You try everything one at a time and then over and over again as well as you continue to, as Suler (2015) states, “re-experience [and] re-examine […] yourself.”Julia Glum in the International Business Times claims that on average five hours a week and eventually 54 hours a year are spent taking selfies, imagine the patience that goes into just taking pictures of the same thing over and over again; that's huge! Everyone cannot continue doing one task for a long period of time and remember, this is COMPLETELY voluntary. Hey, just look at all that patience you have. Bravo. You continue to click away waiting for your own moment of relief.

3. Independence

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Now with selfies; you have the comfort, time and ability to take pictures all on your own. You do not need the help of anyone. Honestly, taking a selfie is a skill of its own. Everyone does not have such abilities to take selfies by themselves, without some sort of guidance and have them turn out perfect; exactly as you wanted. Or there is just the option to continue to keep trying on your own until you love it; that independence is there. Remember in the past when self-portraits were made? Selfies are the self-portraits of the 21st century, BUT, the talent is yours and the efforts are yours. No need to hire any painters; click and pose away. Also, since it is YOUR pictures, angles, and poses, there are #noregrets.

4. Communication

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This is one you probably didn’t expect. Think about it, you take selfies with friends and family; at occasions, parties, celebrations, trips and the events are never ending. People are quite flattered when you want to take a picture with them. This strengthens the relationship and helps you get closer to your loved ones. While some take pictures with anyone, others tend to gravitate towards their true few. Then you can then send those pictures to anyone around the world, and those people can easily feel included in the event even when they are miles away. There’s an opportunity to in Senft & Baym’s words, (2015) “outlive time”, and overcome distance. That’s truely a win-win, does anything beat that?!

5. Finally: Creativity

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“People hit a creative block” Suler (2015) quotes about selfies, but in reality it is the complete opposite. Imagine how creative you can get with the different poses, angles, and shots. Either you start off with a black and white filter while taking your selfie or you edit the picture to have a filter later. Point is: you can use your creativity to perfect that image by tailoring it to your choices. Johnson & Wetmore do discuss the world of opportunities technology offers in their 2009 book, but obviously the value of technology depends on how you choose to use it more than its mere existence. Selfies also showcase your personality and interests through the colours, images, backgrounds, smiles, angles and more. You can use your creativity and construct a new pose of your own that can go viral… you can be absolutely famous! The duck face started somewhere...

Hence, when people give you a dirty look or tell you off for taking selfies saying it’s awful and narcissistic, do this:

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Because now we know (and Rachel agrees) that taking selfies are liberating, self-loving experiences, selfie- away!

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