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20 Pairs Of Shoes That Will Step Up Your Summer Looks

BuzzFeed Producer Lindsay Webster tries on the perfect DSW pair for every summer moment, from flirty wedges to casual sneakers, strappy sandals to sleek running shoes.

What's your favorite summer moment? Is it Sunday brunch with your BFFs or chilling poolside with a glass of bubbly in hand? Whatever it may be, DSW has stylish selections for every summer occasion.

For a touch of elegance, slip on a pair of strappy sandals or heels to complement your date-night dresses.

A woman sitting in her living room

1. Flirty and coy Jessica Simpson wedges

A high heeled wedge with animal print

2. Edgy and '90s-inspired Dolce Vita heels

A black sandal with studs

3. Lively and warm Crown Vintage sandals

A coral strappy sandal

4. Head-turning and gorgeous Jessica Simpson sandals

A bejeweled strappy sandal

Bring on the poolside vibes with a pair of comfy slip-on sandals.

A woman relaxing by the pool

1. Charming and water-friendly Birkenstock sandals

A lavender sandal

2. Relaxed and trendy Vans

A Vans sandal with tie dye designs

3. Iconic and bright Crocs

A single green sandal by Crocs

4. Versatile and vibrant Teva sandals

A strappy sandal with multi-colored print

Top off your chill-at-home outfits with relaxed sneakers.

A woman sitting at home

1. Retro and classic Reebok

A retro Reebok shoe

2. Playful and spirited Adidas Pride sneakers

A white sneaker with rainbow designs

3. Bold and bright slip-on Vans

A Vans slip on shoe in bright checkered yellow

4. Contemporary and minimalist Steve Madden sneakers

a white sneaker

5. Colorful and eye-catching Pride Reebok

A single Reebok shoe

Complete your brunch looks with a pair of super-cute sandals.

A woman carrying a basket of flowers

1. Laid-back and effortless Kelly & Katie wedges

A high heeled wedge in brown

2. Sleek and classic Birkenstock sandals

A Birkenstock sandal with clasps

3. Fun and bubbly Crocs

A white slipper by Crocs

Casual sneakers are the perfect pair for those on-the-go summer days.

A woman next to her bike

1. Stylish and modern Adidas

A multi-colored running shoe

2. Sporty and bold New Balance

A black running shoe

3. Functional and sleek Reebok

A pink running shoe

4. Casual and trendy Chuck Taylor All Stars

A high top sneaker in white

Looking for more inspiration on your summer looks? Check out the DSW selections and get the perfect pair for every summer moment.

All images via DSW unless otherwise stated.