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Eating Like A Team Novo Nordisk Cycler!

To keep you full for a busy day on the go while staying healthy, especially for those with diabetes, diet is important. Below is an example of what a TNN cycler would consume. These are simple, yummy recipes that will keep you full and your body happy.

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Breakfast: Breakfast smoothie

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Smoothies are a great healthy way to start your day! To get your serving of fruits and protein, add in flax seeds or almond butter along with the fruits of your choosing. Get a recipe here. You can even add in kale or spinach to get your veggies, too!

PRO TIP: Measure everything the night before to ensure you have a smooth morning.

This is a favorite of TNN Pro Cycler Andrea.

Midmorning Snack: Hummus

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Hummus is a wonderful midmorning pick-me-up. The spread is packed with protein and light in fat unlike many dips. You can even make this dip from scratch with a recipe like this one.

PRO TIP: Serve with veggies not pita chips to keep your fat and carb count low for the day!

This is a favorite of TNN Pro Cycler Brian.

Lunch: Hearty Chili

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Chili is a great way to keep you full throughout a long day. Chili is filled with bean, which are protein and fiber packed. When cooking your chili add the spices and beans of your choosing, like the recipe here.

PRO TIP: Add ground turkey for extra lean protein. Protein from the turkey and beans is what will keep you full for longer. Also, make sure to choose low sodium beans if you are going for a canned version.

This is a favorite of TNN Pro Cycler Charles.

Afternoon Snack: Rice cakes

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Rice Cakes are a great way for personalization because you can add whatever toppings you like! Get in your whole grains by opting for a brown rice cake as your base and add the toppings as you please. Get some inspiration from the recipes here.

PRO TIP: Use toppings that are packed in protein like almond butter and fruits or for a savory option avocado and chia seeds.

This is a favorite of TNN Pro Cycler Chris.

Dinner: Stir Fry with Quinoa

The Perfect Pantry / Via

Stir-Fry is a great way to use up any veggies you have and create a hearty yummy meal. When making your stir-fry simply add your veggies and meat along with spices to create a delicious, healthy dish. Get some inspiration here.

PRO TIP: Pair your stir-fry with quinoa instead of rice. This grain is low in carbs and full of protein and will pair together great!

This is a favorite of TNN Pro Cycler Corentin.

Dessert: Chia seed pudding

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Chia seed pudding is a delicious, low-calorie way to enjoy pudding. The chia seeds are packed with fiber and protein. This pudding is so simple and can have as few as two ingredients. Add milk and chia seeds and the pudding can be that simple! For a more complete recipe see the one here.

PRO TIP: Use almond milk for a more protein filled dessert and add vanilla for extra flavor!

This is a favorite of TNN Pro Cycler Joonas.

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