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Weligama Bay - Surfer’s Haven

Weligama Bay located in the south of Sri Lanka between the historic town of the Galle and the sunny coastal town of Mirissa; is a haven for surfers and beach lovers.

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The Waves

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Surfing in Weligama Bay is a popular thing to do as the waves are smaller than most other parts of the country, which makes it ideal for beginners to learn how to surf. The surf schools along the beach offer boards and surfing instructors to help get you started.

Where to Stay

As this coastal town has grown in popularity over the recent years, you’ll be able to find many Weligama accommodation options, including properties such as We Escape that are known to be quite popular with the surfers.

Best time to visit

If you’re interested in surfing, the months from December to March attract more visitors than the other months of the year. However, since it’s a bay, anytime is a great time to surf in Weligama; as long as it’s not raining!

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