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Things You Probably Didn't Know About Brisbane - The Best-Kept Secrets Of Brisbane

If you think Brisbane is only known for its exciting nightlife, swanky beaches and good food, guess again. Brisbane is the place for all the beach bums, curious history buffs and even shopping fanatics. Read through this low-down of the best-kept secrets of Brisbane.

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The largest city hall in Australia

epicure / Via

A great vantage point with an observation platform 76m high to view the city, the Brisbane City Hall was the biggest construction project next to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. With an exquisite clock tower, this astonishing work of architecture is located only 6 minutes away from popular accommodation options such as Oaks Festival Towers.

Australia’s hippest city

visitbrisbane / Via

In 2014, the largest publisher of travel guide books in the world, Lonely Planet named Brisbane as “Australia’s hippest city”. Lonely Planet commended the city for boasting “an energetic river on the way up, with an edgy arts scene, pumping nightlife and great coffee and restaurants”.

283 Days of Sunshine

visitbrisbane / Via

Brisbane was recorded to have 283 days of sunshine in 2013. An abundance of beaches, coral beds and rainforests, Brisbane possesses a plethora of activities for the outdoorsy folks whether it is sunny or mild outside.

The triplet of bridges

travelbrochures / Via

The design of the Story Bridge in Brisbane was influenced by the structure and concept of the Jacques Cartier Bridge, which was built following the design of the Quebec Bridge. The adventurous climbs on the Story Bridge offer thrill seekers a panoramic spectacle of the city of Brisbane.

The sand island frenzy

tourstogo / Via

With spectacular sceneries and water-based activities aplenty, the North Stradbroke Island and the Moreton Island are recorded as the second and the third largest sand islands in the world. Famed as the world’s most ideal whale watching site, the Point Lookout is in North Stradbroke Island and is also known for its stunning natural views. Snorkelling through the shipwrecks and hand feeding dolphins, visiting the startling spectacle of Brisbane that is Moreton Island is an exciting activity you should not miss.

The Old Water Reservoir’s Improv’

undergroundopera / Via

The city’s former main water supply, the Spring Hill water reservoir was transformed by the Underground Opera Company to an underground opera house. Mysterious and whimsical, the opera house has been able to retain the historical and industrial vibe of the old reservoir.

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