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Tea Plantation, Handunugoda Tea Estate, Ahangama - A Taste Of Sri Lankan Tea

Move through years of a traditional practice; an art identified and perfected in time that brings with it a selection of distinct flavours here at the Handunugoda low country tea plantation in Ahangama

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Handunugoda Tea Estate is located in Tittagalla in the city of Ahangama within the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. The Handunugoda Tea Estate makes limited quantities of the choicest teas and has gone on to win international recognition.

45 years of experience in plantation

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Functioning as a working museum and a true depiction of how one of the world’s most loved beverages is prepared and served to tea connoisseurs, Handunugoda is currently managed by Malinga Herman Gunaratne who counts over 45 years of experience in plantation management. F

Tea Types/Taste

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The Handunugoda Tea Estate is noted for the “Virgin White Tea” that it grows. The tea type is said to be the healthiest in the world and is also one of the most expensive teas in the world that costs at over 1500 USD per kilo. Found near are a few villas such as Pebbles Beach Villa which has the finest Galle restaurant and from where visits to the plantation can be easily scheduled.

Fancy a visit?

Arguably one of the acclaimed tourist destinations in the region, the Handunugoda Low Country Tea Plantation invites you to come and learn of its amazing story that continues to be retold to all its patrons.

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