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Reasons Why A Honeymoon In Maldives Is Amazing - Romance In Style

Maldives is definitely a top choice among honeymooners. Featuring luxury resorts, stunning beaches, water sports and a myriad of romantic activities, Maldives is definitely the perfect pick!

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Picturesque locations

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If you are here on your honeymoon there is literally a world of activities you can enjoy. For starters, the scenery is breathtaking, with its azure sky and sparkling blue waters; witnessing the sheer tranquillity of the Maldives is a surreal experience, one that is perfect for a honeymoon.

Things to do

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With plenty of warm tropical sun, powdery white sand and teal blue waves, the atmosphere here is perfect to just sit back and simply relax. Of course, the beach isn’t the only place to unwind at! Visitors can also book an incredibly soothing and relaxing massage at a spa at one of the Maldives luxury resorts the likes of Adaaran Prestige Vadoo to take the experience further.

Glow-in-the-dark beach

There’s nothing more romantic than a walk hand in hand beside a sea that seems to glisten in shiny starlight. The bioluminescent beach in Maldives is a natural wonder where the water turns into luminous blue during the night.

Ride a Seaplane

This is one of the best honeymoon surprises that you can give to your partner. An enchanting seaplane tour that offers stunning views of the islands below is something both of you will cherish.

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