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Five Dishes You Need To Try In Maldives - The Best Of The Lot

Maldivian cuisine has its own unique blend of spices and herbs, which is a mix of Indian and the countries close to it. We have here, some of the must-try dishes when in Maldives.

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Bis Keemiya

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If the name sounds unfamiliar to you, it may be because this dish is commonly referred to as a samosa. Stuffed with deliciously sautéed cabbage, eggs and some spicy onions, this light, and airy pastry is a yummy snack that you must try with some tea or coffee at any diner or in-house restaurants at a place like Maafushivaru Maldives.

Boshi Mashuni

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This is similar to a salad and is made with the banana flowers. Crunchy banana flowers accompanied by freshly grated coconut and a dash of spices, this is a healthy dish is enhanced further, with the use of curry leaves, cumin and turmeric.


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Garudhiya is a fish soup that smells amazing, and the reason is that it has citrus and spices added to it. Made with fresh tuna, this is a unique soup that will have you yearning for more.

Saagu Bondibai

Made with warm coconut milk, rose, cardamom and condensed milk, this yummy dessert will take you back in time, to simpler times in your grandmother’s kitchen.

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