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Cultured Things To Do In London

London is a world on its own and has many fun and cultural activities you can get busy with if you want the ultimate London vacation.

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Watch a movie at Rooftop Film Club

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Screening cult films on rooftops all around the city, this club is any adult with an inner child’s dream come true. If you are staying at a city hotel like COMO Metropolitan London, ask your hotel desk for details of screening near you.

Taste some rum cocktails on water

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A charming old canal boat that takes you through London for just £15 per hourly cruise, this delightful ride also gives you rum cocktails and an assortment of fish finger butties and deep fried shrimp.

Speedboat around the Thames

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Watch the sunset while you cruise around the Thames until you reach the river limit, and then it’s a rollercoaster ride on water! The speedboat flies on the water and takes you back home slowly.

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