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5 Common Mistakes New Scuba Divers Make –The Don'ts Of Scuba Diving

An entertaining and awe-inspiring excursion, scuba diving can be equally dangerous, especially for beginners. Amidst all the stunning pelagic life, even experienced divers can commit rookie mistakes. Scroll down to check out some of the common mistakes you might commit and should avoid during your underwater journey.

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Do not rush it!

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Don’t rush it to keep up with the pros. Take your time to assemble your gear and get ready before each dive. Descend slowly once in the water and equalize every few feet. Once you are in the water, ensure your buoyancy is dialled in.

Do not hold back when you have questions

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Make sure you clarify all your issues and confusions with your trainer. If you are on vacation and planning to slap on scuba gear for the first time, try out the special diving courses delivered by some popular hospitality providers such as Adaaran Resorts.

Do not get distracted

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Diving involves multitasking; monitoring your air, buoyancy and maintaining your position. However, it will take some time for you to familiarize yourself with swimming in an underwater environment. Therefore, it is important to gain some experience with the whole idea of diving. Leave behind your cameras and video equipment during the first few dives.

Do not borrow diving gear

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Your own scuba gear will fit you better and help to ease movement underwater. Invest in your own scuba equipment before you plunge into the water in someone else’s gear.

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