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    • DruVirus

      Isn’t it selfish to immediately and publicly start yelling out spoilers instead of having consideration for those who haven’t seen it yet? Nobody is saying you can’t discuss it. But there is some level of decorum you can use. A “Spoiler Warning!” goes along way. Even a, “Oh god, I can’t believe that happened!” rather than stating WHAT happened. That way, in the comments, it can be discussed without someone stumbling into it.  As for your second paragraph, .. don’t you find that logic hypocritical? “It’s not okay to ruin the show because it’s been in a book for fifteen years” but “It IS okay to ruin the episode because it’s been in a book for fifteen years”. Does the airing of the episode make it okay to spoil that next section of book for others? Does the show have some power where if it isn’t shown on TV it isn’t okay to reveal what happens next to those not in the know .. but it IS okay to reveal it to those not in the know once it is shown on TV? Because I honestly don’t see a difference. In both cases it’s been out for fifteen years and if you really wanted to know, you could easily pick up the books. Shall I go ahead and spoil the finale then?

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