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11 Reasons 2014 Is Pitbull's Year

We just want to celebrate.

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1. He's hosting the American Music Awards...again!

2. He's the halftime performer for this year's Thanksgiving game in Dallas, TX.

Cowboys vs Eagles! Cowboys vs Eagles!

Cowboys vs Eagles! Cowboys vs Eagles!

3. He took over Dancing with the Stars as a performer AND guest judge.

Watch here!

4. His song 'Celebrate' is the anthem for DreamWorks' new movie, Penguins of Madagascar.

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Buy it here!

5. He's Playboy Enterprises' right hand man.

6. His song 'We Are One (Ole Ola)' was the official song for the 2014 World Cup.

7. He's currently on tour with Enrique Iglesias which is SOLD OUT in 25 cities.

8. His next album titled 'Globalization' hits stores November 24th!

9. He signed an overall deal with Endemol North America to produce original content for TV/digital platforms.

10. Pitbull's New Year's Eve Special, titled 'Pitbull's New Year's Revolution', will broadcast live from Miami on New Year's Eve on Fox.

11. Which will ring him into 2015, and a nice Hollywood Walk of Fame honor!

Congrats and Dale!

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