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12 Reasons Mary Jane Makes Summer Better

She loves summer, and summer loves her. Cool off and #GetConed with MJ by enjoying a Drumstick.

1. She makes BBQ so mouthwateringly good.

2. She never makes a sandwich smaller than your head.

3. Bread somehow always tastes better when she's around.

4. Mary Jane levels up your gaming prowess like no other.

5. Bringing her to a music festival suddenly makes you the most popular person there.

6. She's the best co-worker anyone could have.

7. She makes bad campfire guitar tolerable.

8. Swimming with her is always a magical, transformative experience.

9. She brings over everyone's favorite: rotisserie chicken.

10. For some reason, she's always stocked up with some dope potato salad.

11. She always has some deeply thought-provoking insights when you're all at the beach.

12. She is just THE most amped for fireworks, and her excitement is infectious.

#GetConed on an adventure with your crew and some Drumstick cones. It's the best part of summer.