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12 Reasons Mary Jane Makes Summer Better

She loves summer, and summer loves her. Cool off and #GetConed with MJ by enjoying a Drumstick.

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3. Bread somehow always tastes better when she's around.


How does it taste so good, SO GOOD, even with nothing on it? Just like...DAMN, did MJ invent this fluffiness, and how is it so satisfying?!

4. Mary Jane levels up your gaming prowess like no other.


MJ is v good at games, son. And she makes you better by proxy! Duty calls, and she answers and then slams the phone down and calls back like, "Who dis?!"

11. She always has some deeply thought-provoking insights when you're all at the beach.


When was the last time you went to the beach without MJ? And how pissed off were all your friends that you forgot to invite her? Yeah, stop forgetting.

#GetConed on an adventure with your crew and some Drumstick cones. It's the best part of summer.