13 Little Childhood Rewards We Wish We Still Got

Once upon a time, gold stars were as valuable as gold. Now we know differently, but doesn’t mean rewards are out of the question. So grab a Nestlé Drumstick and raise a cone to being awesome.

1. Stickers!

georgiaserdet / Via instagram.com

Nothing says, “You’re doing alright, kid,” like some of these.

2. Staying up past bedtime

meganlaurenbby / Via instagram.com

Going to bed at 9:30 instead of 9 meant an extra rerun of Space Cases. Now when we’re up late it means chugging more coffee and dealing with the “you look tired” comments.

3. Beanie Babies

What could possibly make a trip to the doctor more manageable than a stuffed flamingo waiting for you at the end?

4. Trips to Chuck E. Cheese

r_casper_sr / Via instagram.com

Sure, that animatronic band only stopped being terrifying after your 5th birthday, but this place had pizza, more pizza, and walls of video games. If your report card was good, this was dream reward.

5. This golden ticket…

yourwhalecum / Via instagram.com

Freedom is something you can staple to a blank assignment.

6. Toys at the dentist

Picking out a toy from the treasure box at the dentist’s office wasn’t just fun—it was retribution. It was serious business. It meant choosing a toy that was sufficient enough to assuage the pain of a hygienist’s plaque scraper. Now, all we get is floss. BORING!

7. Advances on your allowance

alohaa_leelee2611 / Via instagram.com

Now we call this a loan. It has interest, and is the opposite of fun.

8. Candy candy candy!

inkmelove / Via instagram.com

This type of a jar would often sit on your teacher’s filing cabinet, waiting to reward you for doing long division without messing up.

9. Tickets

linwerbs / Via instagram.com

Whether it’s for the arcade or the school store, these are like fun money but without the pennies.

10. Massive trophies

_anthm / Via instagram.com

You may be the best administrative assistant in your office, but that doesn’t mean you’re getting something for your mantle.

11. Extra videogame time

neondays / Via instagram.com

This was not only good for you, and it was even better for Hyrule.

12. Skipping chores

Now when you do this, roommates find ways of getting even.

13. Recess!

idolkung / Via instagram.com

Now if you want to run around and climb things, you have to join a gym. And worst of all? Weight machines aren’t ever painted primary colors.

And there’s the reward you can still get…

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