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Photography, More Than A Career

Photography, to me, is not just a career choice. Photography is more than just a hobby; it is a passion you feel.

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A lifestyle you choose. If you are passionate about creating beautiful imagery, it is always with you. Everywhere you go, everything you see, it seems to come to your mind how you could capture a unique moment with your current surroundings. Most artists are limited to just the amount of space they have on their canvas, they are limited to only being able to create one piece of art on each canvas, and limited to the amount of supplies they have available. As a photographer, the world is your canvas. As a photographer, there are no limits!

"The only limit is your own imagination" - Lawrence Jones

As a young photographer surrounded by talented and experienced photographers I used to limit myself. I felt intimidated, outnumbered and untalented. A voice in my head kept telling me, "look at all of these amazing, successful photographers! You have no chance of making it. You're nothing more than another hipster with a camera." Discouraged and lost, I told myself to give up photography. My thousands of dollars’ worth of camera equipment sat in the closet untouched for months, until one day my passion was relit.

I was driving down I-95 late at night with a friend, Tracy, and she asked me why I haven't done any photos recently. I explained to her my reasons and told her how it was like pulling teeth to get someone to pay me even a little to take photos for them. What she said next completely changed my perspective on photography.

She said to me, "You know, I feel like once people turn their passion into a career they lose their passion. It becomes all about the money, they lose their own vision. If you're really passionate about photography stop worrying about the money!"

Stop worrying about the money... wow. That one sentence stuck in my head. Stop worrying about what people think, stop worrying about taking photos for other people, and stop doing things to get my work more attention. Just stop. Take photos for yourself. Photography is my passion, NOT my career. Create beautiful images that are straight from my imagination and do it passionately. I felt on fire again, my passion came alive.

The first photoshoot I did after this revelation was something I had always want to do, but was too intimidated to even try. I have always loved unique fashion photography; the kind of images you would see in a Vogue magazine. I envied the photographers who got to do this kind of work, it was my dream to create that kind of imagery. So I decided to just do it. I had no idea what I was doing. I had no money to hire models or a makeup artist, but I was determined. After long hours of searching I found a makeup artist and countless models wanting to work with me. For free! My vision was finally coming alive. The day of the photoshoot came and I was so nervous, I almost cancelled on everyone.

Thankfully, I talked myself into doing it. Three models and one makeup artist would be arriving soon, I still had no idea what I was doing. How do I pose these models? What kind of makeup should I ask the makeup artist to do? Do I even have enough lighting for this? The questions and doubts flooded my mind. Then finally I just stopped, I told myself "this is my passion, this is what you have always wanted to do. You are going to do great."

The makeup artist, Ashley, and I worked with 3 different models from 9:00am until 5:30pm nonstop. I can honestly say, we all had a blast! Once I let go of my fear of failing and let my passion take over, I was able to let loose and really enjoy capturing unique images with an amazing group of people.

Not only was this photoshoot such a fun and freeing experience for me, but the photos from that day are some of my favorite work that I have ever done. Why? Because they express me and my passion more than any other photos I have ever taken before.

Photography is not my career choice. It is an adventure, my happy place, my art form. Photography is my PASSION that I am choosing to pursue for myself.

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