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Seven Things Your Professor Wants You To Know

College is a lot different from high school. A professor gives you the lowdown on how they think do you can do better.

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1. We expect you to be independent

Although some professors will give reminders and post due dates on web sites, many won't. Take the time at the start of the semester to put reading and assignment dates in a planner or a calendar so you know what's up when. And if you get stuck, try asking a classmate or seeing if there is a syllabus online before you ask me.

2. We want you to do well

The hardest student to teach is the one who doesn't want to learn. If you are having trouble, visit me to ask for suggestions. I can tell you strategies and resources to help you to master what you need to know.

3. We really love our field

Although I realize that my class may not be your first love, I went into this field because I really love it. If you can at least show a little bit of interest, I really appreciate that.

4. Sucking up can work

If you bring in stuff you've noticed in the news that relates to class or ask a question about relating another class you are taking to mine, it can give me a better opinion of you.

5. We don't do things for no reason

Those weekly quizzes annoying you? You have them because I've learned from experience that consistent preparation really helps you to learn. The quizzes and homeworks are an incentive for you to prepare consistently.

6. I can't talk to your Mom

See number 1 - It's important for you to be independent. In any case, most of the time the law keeps me from sharing information about your progress with anyone but you. If you have a question about how you are doing, ask me. I'm happy to talk to you.

7. Sleep!

College means a lot of academic obligations, but also a lot of exciting social opportunities. I want you to take advantage of all that college has to offer. However, if you do too much, you will not be able to learn effectively and you may get sick, which just makes things harder. Be intentional about your choices and don't try to do it all.

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