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Life In Arizona: Expectations Vs. Reality

EXPECTATION: Arizona is drying up. REALITY: SRP and CAP have you covered.

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REALITY: Summers are hot, but not that hot.

Rubber incinerates at around 260 degrees Fahrenheit, and it only gets to around 259 degrees in Arizona the summer, so this one is probably not true...probably.

REALITY: This is true, except that instead of poisonous snakes, they're tiny harmless lizards who do push-ups on the wall in your backyard.

REALITY: Not everyone has a pool...but everyone knows someone who has a pool.

Or has a neighbor with a pool who goes out of town for a couple of weeks every summer and asks you to keep an eye on their place, and then when they return from their vacation you say, "Welcome back, Jim! Everything was fine, and I definitely did not have a pool party in your backyard every single day."

REALITY: The Valley is actually really good at managing its water supply.

When you live in a desert, water conservation is just second nature, like driving without touching the steering wheel, or owning 387 pairs of sunglasses.

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