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Life In Arizona: Expectations Vs. Reality

EXPECTATION: Arizona is drying up. REALITY: SRP and CAP have you covered.

EXPECTATION: It's so hot that things literally burst into flames.

REALITY: Summers are hot, but not that hot.

EXPECTATION: Everything in Arizona is ugly and brown.

REALITY: Half the state is covered in pine trees and mountains, which are both very beautiful and colorful.

EXPECTATION: There are poisonous rattlesnakes everywhere!

REALITY: This is true, except that instead of poisonous snakes, they're tiny harmless lizards who do push-ups on the wall in your backyard.

EXPECTATION: Everyone has a pool.

REALITY: Not everyone has a pool...but everyone knows someone who has a pool.

EXPECTATION: You can literally fry an egg on the sidewalk in Arizona.

REALITY: OK, this one's actually true.

EXPECTATION: Scorpions are sleeping in your shoes every night.

REALITY: Nothing could survive inside your shoes, let alone get a good night's sleep.

EXPECTATION: It never rains in Arizona.

REALITY: It doesn't rain. It storms.

EXPECTATION: Coyotes want to destroy everything you own.

REALITY: They're actually just animals that live in the same region as you.

EXPECTATION: The only thing to do in Arizona is play golf.

REALITY: There's plenty to do on a golf course besides playing golf.

EXPECTATION: It never snows in Arizona.

REALITY: Yes it does! It's that white stuff we ski on every single winter, in one of Arizona's many quality ski resorts.

EXPECTATION: Arizona sunsets are pretty.

REALITY: Arizona sunsets are freakin' BREATHTAKING.

EXPECTATION: The Valley is drying up!

REALITY: The Valley is actually really good at managing its water supply.

We're prepared for water shortages in the Valley, because SRP and CAP are looking out for you!

All images provided courtesy of Thinkstockphotos