Dan Rollman
I was the top Canadian at the 1995 World Pinball Championships.
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    • Dan Rollman

      I’m the co-founder of RecordSetter and wanted to add some color. We are a five-year old world record organization, built on a belief that everyone can be world’s best at something. Our site, RecordSetter.com, hosts over 20,000 world records sent in from more than 85 countries worldwide. The New Yorker says we’re “to Guinness World Records as Wikipedia is to the Encyclopedia Britannica.”

      Our approach to world records is open and participatory: we allow people to invent world record categories, document them on video and post them on our site for others to watch or challenge. It leads to international competition in categories as far-reaching as “Fastest Time to Solve a Rubik’s Cube While Unicycling” and “Most Times Smiling While Listening to ‘Beat It’”. We embrace world records for what they are: fun, creative forms of self-expression, with a good deal of competition mixed in.

      If the team at Guinness World Records is open to a competition for Most World Record Organization Employees Twerking Simultaneously, we are down for the challenge. Name a time and place and we’ll be there.

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