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    Busting 8 Myths About Rio's Favelas

    As hundreds of thousands of foreign visitors descend on Rio de Janeiro in August to watch the Olympics, there is no doubt that many curious eyes will be gazing up at the well-known informal neighborhoods called favelas. There has been a lot of media mention of the favelas, from famous movies to a recent surge because of the Olympics, but there are a lot of misconceptions. Through this post, we will break down 8 commonly held myths or generalizations about favelas and why they aren't quite true.

    1. Myth - "Favelas are 'Slums'"

    2. Myth - "All Favelas are the same"

    3. Myth - "All favelas are illegal"

    4. Myth - "All favelas are dangerous"

    5. Myth - "All Favela tours are bad"

    6. Myth - "Homes in Favelas are shoddily built"

    7. Myth - "People want to leave and get out of favelas"

    8. Myth - "Rio would be better without favelas"

    What is a favela?

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    Rio's favelas have a fascinating history and the Olympics provide a perfect opportunity to learn more. It is impossible to generalize about the favelas because of their immense diversity of history. Even if you don't visit a favela, you will see them. Take this opportunity to educate yourself about the realities of these neighborhoods, the struggles they face, and the culture they bring to Rio's urban fabric.