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    18 Must-Have Moments In Rio During The Olympics

    So you're about to come to the Marvelous City for the Olympics. Rio has some of the most renowned tourist sites in the world, but there are so many more layers to the 450-year-old city that you have to explore. Here are just some of the moments you should have during your time as a Carioca. --- If you are looking for a guide for your time here, check out my personal page linked in my Buzzfeed profile

    1. Watch the sunset from the rocks at Arpoador

    2. Visit Vila Autódromo, the favela evicted for the Olympic Games

    3. See the view from the wall at Urca while drinking a beer from the Bar da Urca

    4. Take a walking tour to learn about the Port Region’s deep history

    5. Eat Açai and cheese bread at Cultivar, and a "cafezinho" (little coffee) at Cafecito after spending an afternoon strolling around Santa Teresa

    6. Learn the rich history of Rio’s favelas by taking a community led tour

    7. On Monday, head to Samba at Pedra do Sal in Centro

    View this video on YouTube

    This is a great spot to see Samba. It will give you another opportunity to appreciate the Port Region and see how the space has been reclaimed from a place of misery, when millions of slaves traversed the steps, to celebration, with the cultural Samba music.

    8. Choose a “barraca” in Lapa to have a tapioca and caipirinha at night

    9. Take a stroll through Parque Lage

    10. Hike up to Dois Irmãos (Two Brothers) for the best view in Rio

    11. Find local sambistas at Botequim Vaca Atolada, Renascença Clube or Samba Cafe

    To get off the beaten path, try out these samba spots for local, live music.

    Botequim Vaca Atolada - Renascença Clube - Samba Cafe

    12. Search for events on Facebook to see what is going on around you

    A major pro-tip in Brazil is that everyone uses Facebook to find events. From small events to large concerts or demonstrations, start perusing the "events near you" option and seeing what you discover. It will be worth your time.

    13. Visit the Fair of the Paraíbas in São Cristóvão to experience the food and music of the Northeast of Brazil

    14. Watch the sunset from Sugarloaf mountain

    15. Visit Grumari beach to escape Rio’s hustle and bustle

    16. Take a new profile picture at the Selaron steps in Lapa

    17. Walk around the Lagoa

    18. Of course, visit Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer)