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2 Minutes On How Not To Make A Video About Sexual Assault

This psychologist was tired of watching police victim-blaming videos about sexual assault. So she took matters into her own hands...

Dr Nina Burrowes One year ago

Why Can't This Man Talk About Rape?

How easy is it for a man to talk about rape? Do they have any right to get involved in the conversation? Do we care what they have to say? In this video Clear Lines Festival speaker Chris Packe shares his thoughts (and feelings).

Dr Nina Burrowes 4 years ago

6 Things You Need To Know About False Reports Of Rape

Someone is accused of rape and a media storm ensues. Is it too easy to accuse someone of rape? If we talk about false allegations will it deter other victims from reporting? Psychologist Dr Nina Burrowes offers some perspective.

Dr Nina Burrowes 4 years ago

12 Cartoons That Will Change The Way You Think About Living Authentically

Think authenticity is about being honest and open? Psychologist Dr Nina Burrowes explains why it's much more interesting than that.

Dr Nina Burrowes 5 years ago

10 Things No One Ever Told You About Life After Sexual Abuse

What's a normal response to sexual abuse? Psychologist Dr Nina Burrowes uses cartoons to shed some light on an issue that rarely gets talked about.

Dr Nina Burrowes 5 years ago