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17 Things You Definitely Do If You're A Little Different

You do you, because that's all you know how to do. To all of those who stand for something and rock their style, Dr. Martens salutes you.

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4. You see the world a bit differently, and that's OK.

6. You love finding new hobbies that interest you.

"I'm currently working on this avant-garde stop-motion piece that is a satirical commentary on the state of affairs between man and burrito. It's a love story."

13. You're the life of the party (when you want to be).

And a wallflower when you're done talking.

14. Speaking of social settings, you're a total ambivert.

You're friendly and outgoing when you want to be, but you also enjoy just taking a little "you time" when necessary.

15. You have your one quirky counterpart in life.

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It's like a weird, magical signal turns on and gravitates you toward one another. It is beautiful, it is odd, it is perfect.

To all the individuals who rock their own style and stand for their own thing, Dr. Martens salutes you.