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Best Stock Market Mobile Apps (for iOS)

Of all the areas revolutionized by Internet, the financial industry is definitely one of the most profoundly affected.

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Thanks to unprecedented access to investment information and markets, millions of investors now prefer to dis-intermediate themselves from professional money managers and analyze markets and make investment decisions on their own.

The amount of financial information online is overwhelming, and it takes time to separate junk from something of practical value. Which information to trust, which tools to use?

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I compiled a list of websites and apps that I consider to be useful trading tools and resources – both for seasoned investors and for beginners.

Stock Tracker

One of the most popular and comprehensive investing apps. It offers real-time quotes, portfolio management, charts, alerts, earnings calendar, and many other features.


It is a spanking new investment app, actually its first version was released in July 2016.

is designed from ground up to be fast, intuitive, modern, and to make your investing process quick and seamless. It currently features a tinder-like screener with triple-screen view, multiple portfolios with integrated watchlists and sentiment, scalable charts, alerts, diary, and performance analysis capabilities.Check it out! I know that the first version has its limitations, but there is so much potential and so many great ideas to be implemented. More to come for sure.

"As its founder, I am very excited about this project – yes, I think it's only fair to include it in this list because what's the point in making a product you are not happy with? Using our experience in online trading and app development, we are striving to create an optimal solution for individual investors and swing traders."


A nice all-in-one app, loaded with information and fast (it is important because speed is a weakness of many apps that would otherwise be great). Its shortcoming in my opinion is a limited use of the advantages of mobile technologies (like gestures or more user-friendly chart reading), although it bills itself as a professional mobile platform for trading.

Stock Master

Another multi-functional app for any investors who want to track the market and their own portfolios. It has tons of useful features and data and would have been a real gem if it wasn't for some slowness and lagging. StockIdeal Pro is a paid upgrade of Stockmaster.



An app for multiple portfolio management with colorful charts, graphs, analytics, alerts, stock-relevant news, etc.

Passport by DriveWealth

A slick, intuitive, and fun investment app with the ability to trade fractional shares (with a relatively low transaction fee), keep track of your portfolio, and practice in a sandbox. The app is new and has a lot to add, but I believe it has tons of potential.


A smart app for discovering investing ideas. It might be appealing mostly to the novice and intermediate traders, but I like its elegant and intuitive design, various dynamic stock lists, and social features (sharing and sentiment).

Stock Wars

A stock market simulator for beginners to get their feet wet. The app is no way an investing tool, but you can compete with friends and learn how markets work in a playful way.

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