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    Delicious Alternatives To The Wedding Cake (that Still Give You The Look)

    It's so much more than cheese v. cake

    The Madeleine Cake

    Norwegian Kransekake

    Crepe Cake is always a hit

    Macaroon Tower for a touch of something different

    Or add some whimsy with cookies... you can have a giant tiered cookie cake:

    Or Put together a lot of little cookies

    Rice Krispies have the same joy, if that's more your thing

    Pie is a brilliant alternative for a Rustic Wedding

    Cinnamon Rolls are great for Morning Reception

    Waffles also add a romantic sense of fun

    A Delicious Churro 'Cake' perhaps?

    Cannolis give your guests something a little different

    It's also amazing what people can do with fruit:

    And Meringue can be rather elegant

    Doughnut towers are a daring alternative

    And there are always the classic alternatives, like Croquembouche

    And the Cheese Wheel cake that the classic savory option:

    And the more unusual British savoury option: the Pork Pie Cake

    Go forth, plan, and Let Them Eat... whatever you want.