39 Songs To Go With Your Resting Bitch Face

Sometimes you just have to embrace the face and let your bad bitch out.

1. “Maneater” – Hall and Oates

Bad bitch lyric:
“(oh oh here she comes)
Watch out boy, she’ll chew you up
(oh oh here she comes)
She’s a maneater.”

2. “Hard Out Here” — Lily Allen

Bad bitch lyric:
“Forget your balls and grow a pair of tits
It’s hard, it’s hard, it’s hard out here for a bitch”

3. “Do My Thang” — Miley Cyrus

Bad bitch lyric:
“Don’t worry ‘bout me
I got it all arranged bitch
Mind yo business, stay in yo lane bitch”

4. “Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do” — Robyn

Bad bitch lyric:
“Don’t fucking tell me what to do, do, do, do”

Not even a tough sell on this one.

5. “Lady Marmalade” — Christina Aguilera, Lil Kim, Mya, P!nk

Bad bitch lyric:
“He met Marmalade down in Old New Orleans
Struttin’ her stuff on the street
She said ‘Hello, hey Joe, you wanna give it a go?’ Mmhm.”

6. “Bitch” — Plastiscines

Bad bitch lyric:
“I’m a bitch in disguise
I’m a bitch that never minds
I’m a bitch just realize
I’m a bitch all the time”

7. “Bad Reputation” — Joan Jett

Bad bitch lyric:
“A girl can do what she wants to do
And that’s what I’m gonna do
And I don’t give a damn ‘bout my bad reputation”

8. “Evil Woman” — Electric Light Orchestra

Bad bitch lyric:
“Evil woman
Rolled in from a different town
Hit some gold too hot to settle down”

9. “You Know I’m No Good” — Amy Winehouse

Bad bitch lyric:
“I told you I was trouble
You know that I’m no good”

10. “Cold Hard Bitch” — Jet

Bad bitch lyric:
“Cold hard bitch, just a kiss on the lips and I was on my knees”

11. “Tango Maureen” — RENT

Bad bitch lyric:
“As she keeps you dangling, your heart she is mangling
And you toss and you turn, cause her cold eyes can burn”

12. “I’m a Bitch” — Alanis Morissette

Bad bitch lyric:
“I’m a bitch, I’m a tease, I’m a goddess on my knees”

13. “She’s So Cold” — The Rolling Stones

Bad bitch lyric:
“A sweet sweet beauty
But stone stone cold
You’re so cold”

14. “How To Be a Heartbreaker” – Marina and the Diamonds

Bad bitch lyric:
“How to be a heartbreaker
Boys they like the look of danger
We’ll get him falling for a stranger
A player singing I la-la-la-love you”

15. “Queen Bitch” — David Bowie

Bad bitch lyric:
“If she says she can do it
She can do it
But she’s a queen
And such are queens”

16. “Handle Me” — Robyn

Bad bitch lyric:
“Let me tell you how it be
You won’t get with this you see
Cause you can’t handle me”

17. “So What” — P!nk

Bad bitch lyric:
“So so what, I’m still a rockstar
I’ve got my rock moves
And I don’t need you”

18. “Maneater” — Nelly Furtado

Bad bitch lyric:
“I wanna see you all on your knees,
Either wanna be with me or be me”

19. “Black Sheep” — Metric

Bad bitch lyric:
Various, but there isn’t much bad-bitchier than hearing Emily Haines sing the words, “Got balls of steel.”

20. “Killer Queen” — Queen

Bad bitch lyric:
“She’s a killer queen, gunpowder, gelatine, dynamite with a laser beam
Guaranteed to blow your mind”

21. “Keeps Gettin’ Better” — Christina Aguilera

Bad bitch lyric:
“Won’t stop shaking up what I can
I serve it up in a shot, so suck it down like a man
So, baby, yes, I know what I am, and no, I don’t give a damn”

22. “Stiletto” — Billy Joel

Bad bitch lyric:
“She cuts you hard, she cuts you deep,
She’s got so much skill
She’s so fascinating that you’re still there waiting
When she comes back for the kill”

23. “Boss Ass Bitch” — PTAF

Bad bitch lyric:
Behold, the masters of subtlety, PTAF:
“I’m a boss ass bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch.”

If you only listen to the first 15 seconds, you will probably go crazy, but will also feel like, well, a boss ass bitch.

24. “The Bitch is Back” — Elton John

Bad bitch lyric:
“I can bitch, I can bitch, ‘cause I’m better than you
It’s the way that I move, the things that I do”

25. “Bad Girls” — M.I.A.

Bad bitch lyric:
“Lookin’ in the rearview, swagger going swell
Leavin’ boys behind ‘cause it’s illegal just to kill”

26. “Work Bitch” — Britney Spears

Bad bitch lyric:
“Call me the governor, I am the bad bitch, the bitch that you’ll never know”

27. “Loca” — Shakira

Bad bitch lyric:
“And I’m crazy, but you like it
‘Cause the kinda girl like me
They’re running out of in the market”

28. “Rumour Has It” — Adele

Bad bitch lyric:
“Rumour has it I’m the one you’re leaving her for”

Well, damn.

29. “She Hates Me” — Puddle of Mudd

Bad bitch lyric:
“She fucking hates me
I tried too hard and she tore my feelings like I had none”

30. “SMS (Bangerz)” — Miley Cyrus

Bad bitch lyric:
“You know I’m on that meow, quick to scratch your eyes out
Strutting on the court, make them nervous calling time out”

31. “Smile” — Lily Allen

Bad bitch lyric:
“At first, when I see you cry,
Yeah it makes me smile”

32. “Black Widow” — Iggy Azalea ft. Rita Ora

Bad bitch lyric:
“You should’ve known better than to mess with me honey
I’m gonna love you, I’m gonna love you, gonna love you, gonna love you
Like a black widow baby”

33. “Alligator Woman” — Cameo

Bad bitch lyric:
“Aw girl, aw girl
Alligator woman, you don’t care
You ignore my desires, it ain’t fair”

34. “Witchy Woman” — The Eagles

Bad bitch lyric:
“She can rock you in the night until your skin turns red
Ooh ooh, witchy woman”

35. “Oops!…I Did it Again” — Britney Spears

Bad bitch lyric:
“Oops! You think I’m in love
That I’m sent from above
I’m not that innocent”

36. “Goodbye” — Kristina DeBarge

Bad bitch lyric:
“I don’t care if I never see you again
Take this final piece of advice and get yourself together”

37. “Salute” — Little Mix

Bad bitch lyric:
“Ladies all across the world listen up, we’re looking for recruits
If you’re with me let me see your hands
Stand up and salute”

38. “I Don’t Give A” — Madonna ft. Nicki Minaj

Bad bitch lyric:
“I do ten things all at once,
And if you’ve got a problem
I don’t give a ****”

39. And finally… “That Don’t Impress Me Much” — Shania Twain

Bad bitch lyric
“Okay, so you’re Brad Pitt
That don’t impress me much.”

^Yeah. What.

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