27 People Who Are The Real MVP

It’s not just Kevin Durant’s mom.

1. Non-judgmental emergency room doctors

What’s that, doc? No, I don’t have any idea how it got there.

2. People who tell you their HBO Go passwords

3. Anyone who looks after the drunk friend at the party

4. The first person to suggest ordering dessert

5. That one girl on your sports team who can braid hair

6. The friend who lets you know there’s food on your face

You’ve got a little something… right there.

7. The stranger who sees you creeping on their puppy and asks if you want to pet it

Because yes, you do.

8. Anyone who will ever deliver a pizza

10. Whoever invented Nutella

Find the history here.

11. Parents who pull their little kids back up the hill in the sled

12. Anyone who slips you an extra chicken nugget

13. The first friend to start belting it out in the car

14. Grandparents who use social media entirely appropriately

15. Teachers who extend deadlines without you asking

16. Friends who give you brutally honest feedback

No matter how much you want bangs/ for the dress to work without a bra/ that instagram like to mean that she wants your D, sometimes you really just need a reality check.

17. This guy

Evan Longoria, or Spiderman?

18. Significant others who are cool with you eating in bed

19. Anyone who likes your cover photo

Profile picture: 127 likes
Cover photo: 6 likes

20. Celebrities who throw hilarious first pitches

50 Cent obviously needs our love.

21. Friends who drive you places and don’t ask for gas money

22. Good huggers

23. People who will not only kill spiders for you, but also not mention how high-pitched your screams are

24. Anyone who agrees to proofread something for you

They do not care. Whatever you’re writing about, they do not care.

25. Friends who ACTUALLY DON’T LOOK when you say “don’t look now, but…”

26. The friend who understands your arcane reference when the rest of the group is just looking at you like you’re crazy

27. Anyone who has never been in a Harlem Shake video

28. If any of these apply to you, congrats, because

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