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21 Hilarious Senior Thesis Proposals That Actually Need To Be Written

The life of the scholar isn't for everyone.

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1. The Rise and Fall of the Sillybandz Empire


2. Five Second Rule: The Statistical Likelihood That You Really Will Die If You Eat the French Fry That Fell on the Cafeteria Floor


3. If I Can Have a Food Baby, Why Can't I Birth a Pizza?

4. The 63 Most Popular Songs by Disney Stars, and How Best to Avoid Them

ABC / Via

5. The "Makes-Squelchy-Sound-to-Deliciousness" scale: How Good Must Something Taste to Overcome the Revolting Texture

Disney / Via

6. The Kama Sutra of Twin-Bed Cuddling


7. How to Unwrap the Rice Krispie Treat You're Eating for Breakfast Without Waking Your Light-Sleeping Roommate

8. "Expired" is a Relative Term: The Absolute Last Possible Date On Which You Can Eat Something Without Experiencing Dysentery

9. If All Anyone Wants for Christmas is Their Two Front Teeth, Why Is No One Grateful When They Grow Back In: An Exploration of American Greed

Legendary Pictures / Via

10. How to Keep Friends (And Enemies) From Noticing That You Have Three Pairs of the Same Jeans and Wear Them Literally Every Day

11. Why, Scientifically, That Girl Looks Better in Yoga Pants than You: A Meandering Through The Concepts of Beauty and its Correlates with Rump Proportion

12. Baby Seals Go Clubbin': Violence, Innocence, and Nightclub Culture

13. Rhianna: An Illustrated Journey

NBC / Via

14. Why Salt Makes Things Taste Cheesier

Fox / Via

15. Why I Can Only Get Out of Bed to the Sounds of "Laffy Taffy" By D4L

16. Foster the People Lyrics Translated Translated Into Understandable English


17. The Scientifically Proven Most Effective Passive Aggressive Notes to Leave Your Roommate

18. Where Are They Now: That Slightly Overweight Woman You Thought Was Your Mom in the Grocery Store Six Years Ago

The CW / Via

19. I Dream of Cheetos: 101 American Snack Foods That Will Not Be Available in the Country Where You’re Studying Abroad For Three Months

Relativity Media / Via

20. Do You Have 11 Protons, Because You Are Sodium Fine: Cheesy Pickup Lines Through the Ages

21. The Detrimental Effects of Male Abbreviation of "You' to 'U" on Female Perceptions of Attractiveness

New Line Cinema / Via

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