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15 Times Google Scholar Went A Little Too Far

For the academic in us all.

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1. This evidence that somewhere, a scientist said, "Yo, let's see what happens when you tickle a rat's lady business" and the rest of science was like, "yeah, okay":

Disney-Pixar / Via

pictured: science

2. This informative manual:

Disney / Marvel / Via

3. That time it likened Syphalis to Remus Lupin

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

Wrap it before you tap it, kids.

4. This roller coaster ride from start to finish:

NBC Studios / Via

5. This questionable specimen. Is it a book? A journal? An A$AP Rocky album?

RCA Records / Sony / Via

6. This drunk farmer's argument turned science

So size really does matter, boys?

So size really does matter, boys?


Of course it does.

7. This:

OLM inc. / Via

Hobbies: watching the world burn

8. This beautiful fucking imagery:

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

9. This patent meant for the Indiana in all of us:

20th Century Fox Television / Via

So this shit doesn't keep happening.

10. This suggestion for an added option to the lunch specials:

NBC / Via

Although Cheesecake Factory food is already close enough to a colon cleanse.

11. This gem, cited by 15:

12. This science for the people:

Apatow Productions / Via

13. This title that raises more questions than it answers:

Warner Bros. Television / Via

14. This confirmation that fortunetelling really is a shit science:


Ah yes, this sort indicates that you will live a solitary life, have a large purse, and enjoy knitting.

15. And finally, this:

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