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The Best Year Ever

TransLand is kicking off the best year ever on Thursday, January 25.

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We have said "good bye" to another year.

Now, we have to get ready for 2018.

On Thursday, January 25 we are kicking off the BEST YEAR EVER.

Before all the business goes down, you will need to know the following.

With that being said, this is a company kickoff and is for employees only. No plus one this time.

While it is a company event, it is voluntary and you do not have to attend. If you do attend, it will be on your own time.

If you cannot make it, we will be sad but understand.

Back to the important stuff. You don't have to be super to find our venue Springfield Brewing Company.

It's located at 305 S Market Ave, Springfield, MO 65806 or the corner of Walnut and Market in downtown Springfield.

If you're not familiar with downtown, use a map or GPS to easily get you there.

You do not have to spend forever searching for parking.

Not only is there PLENTY of street parking, there's a small lot at the venue and also a parking garage that's always empty across the street.

Congrats! You made it to Brew Co.

Now, please follow the signs to our private room.

No matter how early you arrive, doors will not open until 5:30pm.

Even then, we will snack on some appetizers and mingle before the main course arrives.

And during that time, non-alcoholic drinks will be provided by the company. If you wish to purchase alcohol (and are of age) there will be a cash (or card) bar.

Before anything, know we value safety and will NOT allow anyone to drink in excess or drive under the influence.

Be smart and think first. If you need a ride, please let a co-worker know.

Not into drinking or not of age? No biggie. You do not have to drink and you can still come.

A buffet dinner will start at 6:30pm.

After we are full, we will wrap up 2017

and set some goals for this year.

We will also have some surprises for you.

Once we're all done, we'll say "so long."

At least for the night,

because the Friday the 26th is a work day

and we are Delivering Excellence.

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