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14 Surprising Facts About Sleep As Told By Tired Animals

Most scientists agree that human sleep is very much a mystery and also tired animals are the best.

1. We need sleep to clear out brain garbage.

2. We can trick ourselves into thinking we got a good night's sleep.

3. We sleep worse around the full moon.

4. A nap as short as six minutes can improve brain function.

5. But naps longer than 60 minutes could be an indicator or deeper health issues.

6. Night owls have a tough time.

7. Genetics has less influence on weight in well-rested people.

8. One in five pilots admit to making a serious error due to lack of sleep.

9. People have died from sleep deprivation.

10. Little brown bats sleep almost 20 hours a day while horses only sleep about three.

11. Blind people have heightened sensory dreams.

12. One in 50 teenagers wet the bed.

13. The majority of our nightmares are not based on fear.

14. That sensation of falling and then jolting awake while you fall asleep? Totally normal.

Never underestimate the importance of sleep. Need help? Drink Neuro Sleep. Your brain will thank you.