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    Aug 3, 2015

    We Told You Grey Worm From "Game Of Thrones" Makes Music Too

    Warning: Rubber ducks were harmed in the making of this video.

    Sometime between wrapping up Season 5 of Game of Thrones and going on a headline tour in the U.K., Raleigh Ritchie found time to release his new music video for the track "Bloodsport."

    Columbia Records

    Remember guys, we explained this a while ago: Raleigh Ritchie = Jacob Anderson = Grey Worm on GOT.

    But like, what is going on in this video? Here's Raleigh, chillin' in the tub. His face looks a little tense, though.

    Columbia Records

    Maybe this bath is not the relaxing sort?

    Here, an innocent bath toy gets caught in the crossfire.

    Columbia Records / Via VEVO

    What did this poor duckie do to deserve this?

    How sweet! This scene is Raleigh knitting...

    Columbia Records

    ...a ski mask?

    Columbia Records

    "Bloodsport" shows Raleigh pulling himself together after a devastating breakup. It's a twist on the "scorned lover" trope that is usually (as in, like, always) associated with women.

    As with many of his songs, this one is highly introspective and perfectly describes that feeling when you love-hate the person who's supposed to have your back the most. It's a young man's realization that instead of the "make up to break up" routine, he and his lover should be fighting the odds — not each other — to try to make their relationship persevere.

    Longtime Raleigh Ritchie fans will recognize "Bloodsport" from his 2013 EP Black & Blue, but the song's re-release — now with punchier strings — is a good thing! It means we're one step closer to his long-awaited debut album!

    Check the full visuals for "Bloodsport" below:

    View this video on YouTube / Via

    And stay tuned for his first full-length album, which Raleigh's record label promises will be here ~sometime~ later this year.