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This Is The One R&B Song You Need To Listen To This Fall

The endlessly talented singer-songwriter just dropped the hottest R&B record you've heard in a while, with an assist from Patti LaBelle.

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I can only assume you don't know who Tank is, because if you did we would be talking about him more.

But that's not why we are gathered here today. Right now, friends, we need to talk about the new record Tank messed around and dropped while you were sleeping.

Tank's song "You Don't Know" is a modern R&B banger with a damn near acrobatic falsetto.

Atlantic Records

Set over a sample from Qween Patti LaBelle, Tank reaches notes other "singers" wouldn't even attempt. It's sexy, it's soulful...and then Wale stops by and makes you wanna twerk a lil sumthin, too.

Summer was hot. Summer was sweaty. Summer is over.

Listen to "You Don't Know" (featuring Wale) here:

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And keep listening while you wait for his upcoming album, SLP2.