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This Is Where The Word "Basic" Actually Comes From

Mystery solved. It started "in the ladies room."

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Klymaxx member Bernadette Copper sets the scene with a #boss ass verse:

"I had to leave my condo to come to this
Well, I'm back, but this time I'm with my man
And these women are puttin their hands all over his
Yamamoto Kanzai sweater that I bought
And I'm much, much unhappy about that."

What she says next (in so many words) is a question for the ages. Should I beat a bitch's ass for touching my man?

"I'd hate to come down to their level and become a BW
A basic woman — but if they don't stop it's gonna get scandalous."

Because, you know, doing so would make her basic too.


Anyways, for your "basic" history lesson, listen here:

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MCA / Via YouTube

If you can locate a pre-Klymaxx usage of the word basic, please share!