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35 Things '90s Black Girls WIll Always Miss About Summer In The City

Back in the days when I was young / I'm not a kid anymore, but some days I sit and wish I was a kid again.

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1. Shorts sets

Which, obvi, 'cause they came back strong this year.

3. ...Used to draw Hopscotch, or lots of rainbow-colored hearts.

Usually inside the hearts: U + Ur crush

4. Casually walking back and forth past the basketball courts.

Not because you liked basketball, but because someone you liked did. And he had friends.


5. You probably didn't live that close to the beach, so you never "went swimming," but you did "get wet."

Or running through the sprinklers...

Or just the hose.

Or stylin' in your new swimsuit in your ~own~ pool.

Until it got a damn crack in the side, if you had the hard kind.


6. And if you did get wet, you tried everything to make sure your hair didn't.

Shower caps ... shopping bags... braids...

7. What you and all your friends were reading. (If you read anything that summer.)

The Sisterhood of the Traveling — what?

8. When the ice cream truck finally hit your block, being the first person to catch it and yell "Stop!" made you a hero.

9. Marathon Double Dutch sessions.

10. Cheesing with your new whip.

Are the wheels clean? Do it ride good?

11. Going to the candy lady's house with a whole dollar to stock up on sweets like this:

12. One word: chews.

The contents of this bag made for some good eatin,' for a day at least.

13. These suckers were the stuff dreams were made of.

14. And these suckers all looked like watermelon slices, though each was a different flavor of amAAAAzing.

15. But sometimes you didn't even bother eating candy. You'd just put sugar in a bag and add dry Kool-Aid.

Like, you literally just ate an entire BAG.OF.SUGAR. And if you were smart, you made several sugary Kool-Aid bags and sold them...

16. When a quarter bag of chips actually cost a quarter.

Wasn't it the worst when you accidentally wiped your hands on your clothes after eating these?

17. Also, you'd never go thirsty if you had a quarter.

No one liked the purple joints, though. Keep it real.


18. When your mom was braiding your hair, you were always squirming around like, Please hurry up so I can go play.


19. After playing all day, you never made it back home with the same number of knockers or barrettes.

20. Sometimes you wanted your hair straight, but it was too damn hot for this foolishness.

21. But at least you didn't have to wear "tights" with your church dress.

22. Getting your matching T-shirts for the family reunion was bomb.

23. ...And learning that, gotdamn, you got a LOT of cousins!

24. And you tried to learn the line dances all your aunts and uncles knew how to do.

25. The weather was finally nice enough for backyard birthday parties.

With hella balloon arches, and the perfect theme.


26. Where there was ALWAYS a MANDATORY dance contest.

"You can't get no cake till you dance." —The mother of the birthday person

A **proper** summer block party consisted of all these elements, at least: tents, a bounce house, a "professional" DJ, and someone dressed as a kids character like Barney, Minnie Mouse, or Hello Kitty.

28. You filled up on these because nothing else at the barbecue was ready on time.

"I want a burnt one, Daddy."


29. This is how you decided who was "it."

30. You'll never forget chants like Bang, Bang Choo-Choo Train or Punchanella at the Zoo.

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And doing the "dances" that went along with them. Before there was twerking, there was "popping."

31. Or hand games like Miss Mary Mack, Slide, I Don't Wanna Go to Mexico, and Zing, Zing, Zing (Like a Washing Machine).

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"I don't wanna go to Mexico no more, more, more/ There's a big fat policeman at the door, door, door..."

32. When it came time for back-to-school shopping, you wouldn't DARE show up on the first day without a new pair of crispy all-white Air Force Ones...

...and a fresh pair of wheat Timbs for the fall.

33. When you visited grandma's house, for some reason it was always your job to remember where this was.

And you might get hit with one, if you didn't behave.

34. And because she'd never turn on the air — no matter how hot it was — there were never enough of these high-tech, all-important coolant devices.

35. And this is how grandma said good-bye after Sunday dinner.