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15 Reasons Ava DuVernay Is Your New Fashion Icon

When she's not behind the camera, Ava DuVernay steals the show. Here are 15 of the Selma director's most stunning red-carpet looks.

1. There are endless reasons to admire writer-director Ava DuVernay: She became the first black woman to win Best Director at the Sundance Film Festival in 2012, and has been crafting powerful, diverse narratives ever since.

2. Here she is rocking her locs in a pompadour, while wearing a navy gown with a train. Could she be any classier? The answer is no. No, she could not.

3. How bout this feminine, lace-embroidered top paired with a floor-length, textured skirt?

4. Clevage: so passé. LOOK AT THAT NECKLINE! Is it not thee most intriguing neckline you've seen on a red carpet garment?

5. Yes, you can rock a grown and sexy tutu if you want. Ava says so.

6. So many things are being executed perfectly in this look: perfect collarless blazer execution, perfect grounding of the florals, and perfect midi-length skirt-wearing.

7. Here's Ava in head to toe silver. Other folks might have looked like the Tin Man in such a daring color, but not Ava. Never Ava.

8. School is still in session here, people. Some fashion "experts" advise against wearing a red gown on a red carpet. But there's no fear of Ava ever blending in. Behold:

9. And here she is later in the same night, making a statement for social justice with her Selma cast on the steps of the New York Public Library.

10. Eff anyone who says natural hair is not elegant. Here, Ava dons locs and an African wax fabric dress, and she does it like a true ~queen~.

11. In this one, Ava has a handsome, matching accessory: frequent collaborator David Oyelowo. Perhaps equally as handsome are her golden pillbox clutch, oxblood mani, and radiant smile. It's all in the details.

12. Satin joggers, pointy-toed pumps, matching bold lip? Check, check, and check.

Even her business casual is aspirational.

13. Why, yes, that is a crop top. And a long skirt, with pockets.

14. This, children, is how you mix prints. Florals with black and white stripes, done the DuVernay way.

15. As you gaze upon this white column dress, you might also notice one other thing about Ava — curves for days. Ava is tall and curvy and doesn't hide her assets. Celebrate yoself.

16. And this was in Essence magazine, not a red carpet, but Ava taught perhaps the most important lesson of all, as she accepted — nay, appreciated — her "flaws."