Whether You're A Soldier, Poet, Or King Relies Mostly On Your Sign — Find Yours

    This is about to read y'all fire signs. 👀

    1. The soldier — Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Gemini


    Probably the most obvious choice, Aries is the embodiment of a strong soldier. Athletic and unstoppable with a never ending amount of energy Aries are always on the go. People born under Aries are very competitive and stop at nothing to win. Fearless, impulsive, and strong, Aries don't go down without a fight.


    Scorpio is ruled by the planet Mars, the planet of war, making them a very powerful and intense sign. Scorpios are a mysterious group and would do well as the sneaky assassin trope. Razor focused and power hungry makes Scorpios a great fit for the go-getting style of the soldier.


    Capricorns are most known for being the most hardworking of the zodiac. Capricorns are constantly striving to be better — one more mile, one more mountain; they never give up they reach the goals they set, no matter how unobtainable they may be. The diligence and no-nonsense attitude of this sign makes them a great candidate for the soldier.


    Geminis can sometimes have a hard time with flipping back and forth in their mind and never making a solid decision. The structure and routine it takes for a soldier would benefit the indecisive Gemini. The natural way that Geminis are able to make connections with many types of people would also be a great morale boost for other soldiers near them to ensure a fun and vibrant squadron.

    2. The poet — Cancer, Taurus, Libra, and Pisces

    photo of a love letter on old paper


    Cancers are known to be very nurturing and sentimental. One of the most dreamy out of the zodiacs, people born under Cancer are very artistic and thoughtful. Staying at home in their cozy warm beds with a notebook all afternoon seems like the perfect activity for the home loving Cancers.


    People who are Tauruses tend to like lifestyles that are both luxurious and comfortable. Being someone who enjoys the finer things in life makes Taurus likely to appreciate art in one form or another. Maybe they aren't the one actually doing the writing, maybe they are just going to a poetry reading in their silk robe with a glass of the finest red wine in their hand.


    Libras are ruled by the planet Venus, the planet of beauty, and thus they are lovers of all things beautiful. The social butterfly of the zodiac, I picture Libras hosting an extravagant art show at a well known gallery bumping elbows with all the politicians and rich folk of the city. Libras have big dreams, but also the passion to follow through until they reach what they want.


    Pisces are known to be romantic and helpless dreamers, but they also have a dark side where they can be pessimistic and sarcastic. Pisces have a tendency to hold onto a lot of emotional pain and what better way to get that pain out than pen and paper? People who are a Pisces would make for a great "moody artist" with the ability to channel their emotions into their art.

    3. And the king — Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius


    Leos love for power and adoration make them them the obvious choice to show signs of being the king. Driven and self-assured, Leos would have no problem shouldering the burden of being the king, as long as they received the loyalty and love of their citizens in return.


    Analytical, service-oriented, and detail-focused are just some of the ways to describe a Virgo. Always making a list, either physical or mental, to keep track of the thousands of things running through their minds. Their perfectionism and attention to detail makes them well-equipped to handle the stress or being a king.


    Born philosophers and highly passionate, Sagittarius's love to have people see the world from their perspective. Always the joy of every party and never being afraid to hold back a punch gives this sign a great tool belt to pull from when things get hard and difficult decisions need to be made. Sagittarius is right at home on the throne.


    Aquarius might seem like a controversial choice for a king, but their self sacrificing attitude and willingness to put others above themselves is a trait any great king should hold. The social and fun-loving attitude would also be perfect for a royal ball or feast.

    Still not sure if you're a soldier, poet, or king? Take the quiz here!