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17 Things Our Dads Do Better Than Us

Here is a comprehensive list of their many talents, and to show your own dad that you appreciate him, fix him up a bowl of Dreyer's Light Slow Churned Ice Cream.

1. Fly:

2. Take a nap:

3. Improvise:

4. Know how to work this:

5. Invent something new:

6. Know where everything is:

7. Use the swings:

8. Hang things on the wall absolutely perfectly:

9. Make a sled from scratch:

10. Make a family tree:

11. Look this good in Christmas sweaters:

12. Know which does what:

13. Tuck us in:

14. Recognize photo-ops:

15. Laundry:

16. Inflate inflatable things:

17. Make as few trips as possible: