10 Pie And Ice Cream Pairings You’ve Never Considered

Confused about what flavors of ice cream go with what kinds of pie? Here are some combinations that will take your dessert to the next level, and for even more combinations, explore the world of Dreyer’s Light Slow Churned Ice Cream.

1. Apple Pie and Caramel


You do not have to put vanilla ice cream on your pie.

2. Cherry Pie and Chocolate


For instance, when you’re feeling romantic… you can combine cherries and chocolate.

3. Peach Cobbler and Butter Pecan


Or you can get sweet and savory in no time flat by blending apricots and butter pecan.

4. Raspberry Pie and Honey


Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?

5. Apricot Tart and Black Cherry


People will think you went to cooking school!

6. Strawberry Pie with Cheesecake


Doesn’t this one seem obvious? Tell that vanilla to take a hike.

7. Pumpkin Pie and Rocky Road


You don’t have to eat squash unless it has marshmallows, almonds, and chocolate on it. There’s a law somewhere out there about it.

8. Rhubarb Pie with Coffee


And here, the coffee will expertly lighten the tangy rhubarb.

9. Pecan Pie and Cookie Dough


Some cookie dough will go over so well with those crunchy and caramelized nuts.

10. Key Lime Pie and Strawberry


This is just the perfect blending of sweet and sour.

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