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12 Easy Ways To Bring The Family Together

It's the little things we do with our families that mean the most. Here are some fun activities you guys can all do together — and to show someone you really care, share with them a delicious bowl of Dreyer's Light Slow Churned Ice Cream.

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1. Go to a "real" produce section

Tim & Selena Middleton / Via Flickr: tim_and_selena

2. Make sure the oven works in the middle of the night

AmberStrocel / Via Flickr: strocel

3. Go to the aquarium

thofsink95 / Via

4. Compete in the Olympic sport of skipping stones

dierken / Via Flickr: dierken

5. Design and patent a new kind of glue

pkorsmok / Via Flickr: pkorsmok

6. Save a rainforest

margiewouters / Via

7. Experiment with new forms of architecture

mamaotitz / Via

8. Challenge the scientific concept of density

donald judge / Via Flickr: donaldjudge

9. Cruise around the neighborhood

Glenn Beltz / Via Flickr: n28307

10. Pioneer a new art movement

emilydickinsonridesabmx / Via Flickr: emilyrides

11. Make a demo tape and send it to record labels

Andrea Rose / Via Flickr: andrearosephotography

12. Stage your own postcard

Echo Valley Ranch / Via Flickr: echovalleyranch