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"Real" Geek Girls Are Really Real, Indeed!

Why one man took it upon himself to fight the Fake Geek Girl myth and how he intends to do it. HINT: It's silly / serious interviews.

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I created the Real Geek Girls interview series in 2015 to combat the Fake Geek Girl myth and harassment that female geeks face online. I have many female friends that are geekier than I. I've also always wanted to be a better, more engaged Feminist. When I first heard about the 2012 Forbes editorial "Dear Fake Geek Girls: Please Go Away!" I was really irritated. Why should one person determine what makes someone else "geeky" enough? Little did I know that I would soon be fighting this fight quite actively.

I always enjoyed watching celebrities do "fun" interviews during their press tours. As such, my first interview with Pixar's Inside Out star, Kaitlyn Dias, was intended to be packed with fun questions ("Mac vs PC?") and a break from the usual monotony associated with being interviewed. I also wanted silly bits ("Silly face time!"), but it wasn't until I realized the first three interviews I did were with women that I considered I might have something more meaningful at my fingertips.


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Initially the series was called "Interdrews: On Geek," but colloquially I referred to it as "Real Geek Girls" interviews. I decided to embrace it and re-branded the series because the title resonates as a response to the "Fake Geek Girl" myth.

I considered that some might find issue with the name and suggest it actually validates the Fake Geek Girl concept by suggesting that the women I interview are my handpicked "Real" geeks and others are fake. There's also the risk of implying that a MAN is determining what makes a female geek real or not. These issues could send me on a one-way trip to Problematic Town, Population 1.

I opted to stand by my creative decision, but I created the slogan "ALL geeks are REAL geeks" and added it to our title card and website. In short, while these are "Real" geeks, anyone who calls themselves a geek is one and nobody can take that away from them.


This name change came during a time when I was looking to build upon the legitimacy of the series and its reputation. As a longtime fan of Kristen Bell's "Ask Her More" campaign, I decided to up the "Feminism" and add more intentional and targeted questions such as: "Have you ever been accused of being a Fake Geek Girl?" and "Thoughts on the current state of the industry for women?" The answers I've received have been illuminating.

I also created a Mission Statement, Press-Kit, and revamped the website to address possible criticisms and the purpose of the series in a prime location. It's important to me the intentions of the series are clear and that it works for women. I run changes and ideas by various female friends and connections to ensure their perspective is being recognized.

I've even recorded a video talking about potential criticisms.

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Err.. that's not it. How did this get here?

Yes, this is it.

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Hopefully by spotlighting notable geeks of all varieties, interests, and levels of obsession it can help create a more inclusive geek community for all.

I want to hear these women geek out about the "nerdy" things they may enjoy whether it be Doctor Who, Orphan Black, Game of Thrones, Jessica Jones, Harry Potter, Pokemon, Crafting, Chainmailing... To embrace publicly what they may have once hidden? How cool!

Some highlights of the past 24 interviews include former All That cast members Alisa Reyes (#7), Lisa Foiles (#17), Vidcon's "Less Than Famous" Cassidy Quinn (#16), and PULL THAT PEACH girl, Lora Plattner (#14).


We are wrapping up Volume 3 of interviews this week and preparing to launch Volume 4 on August 7th, the 1-year anniversary of #RealGeekGirls! Host of The "Nerdy Bartender," Stacey Roy, will kick off 10 more fascinating interviews over 8 weeks, including our 30th interview with Moonie and Mario fan, Actress Amber Stonebraker, (Aug 25) who guested on Grimm this past spring.

Aaaand you can't miss our turns with the host of Comic-Con's "What's News" and "The Naked Truth," Trisha Hershberger, (Aug 31) or the host of Book Boner Bistro / Amy Poehler's long-lost lil sis, Brittni Barger, (Sept 2) in a themed "friends of SMOSH week."

With an additional 10-interview Volume 5 starting in October, the future looks bright for Real Geek Girls. To ensure we remain on track, I have established a list of goals that I periodically update and revisit.


* Diversify our interviewees

* Expand our reach and audience

* Find more ways to support the "Real Geek Girls"

* Create a more inclusive geek community for both female and male

* Produce ~25 interviews year (We're on pace for ~40 this year!)

* Interview people in person at VidCon / Comic-Con

* Defeat the Fake Geek Girl myth

That last one may be a bit lofty, but we can certainly do our part.

Hopefully you will check out REAL GEEK GIRLS on YouTube. Leave nice comments for the ladies because they DO check and when they have a chance they even reply.

If you believe in what we're doing, subscribe to my channel and share the series around with people who would enjoy it or need to see it.

We as creators and have the opportunity to make better content for the YouTube platform and it would be encouraging to see support for this series grow.

Any questions? Suggestions for who to feature? Want a Press-Kit? Just drop me a line @DrewsClues on Twitter. I assume everyone has that now.

❤ always, Mandy


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