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    31 INFJ Problems

    INFJ stands for Introversion, iNtuition, Feeling, and Judging. Take the MBTI Test and find out if you're part of the rarest personality type!

    31. We read people very well... but insightfulness can hurt

    30. Sometimes, we just know things

    That's our iNtuition...

    29. We are exceedingly stubborn...

    ...because we're always right

    28. We're great listeners... but that doesn't mean we're shy

    27. We're natural protectors... our love can be intense

    and we're quite selective about it too!

    26. When peeps be all like, "You're too nice."

    25. We have a strong desire for committed, lifelong relationships

    #alltheangst #thedisneydisease

    24. We wanna be the very best


    23. When you realize you're not reaching your full potential...

    22. We're pretty sensitive

    21. We can be moody


    19. Nothing feels right

    18. And we get carried away

    I blame the F... and the J...

    17. When waiting on somebody to do something...

    ... like respond to an important message.

    16. Our closets might look like this...

    It's a J thing...

    15. When things are out of place, it can be frustrating

    14. We're very witty... you'd know if you let us talk

    13. Our penchant for creativity and artisticness is overlooked

    12. Petty conversations and small talk drain our energy

    11. Sometimes silence is the most powerful thing you can give us

    10. We probably can't relate to this....

    (Not sure that's really a problem.)

    9. ...but we've all felt like this

    8. We don't always feel like hanging out

    but it doesn't mean we're not your friend.

    7. When we try to talk to our crush...

    6. At times, our feelings overpower us

    5. We need time alone to get lost in our thoughts

    I'm sorry? Were you talking?

    4. We try to explain how we feel

    3. We don't even know ourselves sometimes

    2. But we do know where we stand.

    1. There's more to us than meets the eye

    Give us a shot