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    23 Reasons Anya Is Adorably Amazing

    Wit, charm, and a complete inability to filter her thoughts make Anya one of the greatest Whedon characters ever. We wish we could be her. Appreciate her wisdom and lack of tact whether you are a fan or not with these gifs. SPOILERS.

    Anya is portrayed by Emma Caulfield. Follow her on Twitter @emmacaulfield and show your appreciation.

    23. She REALLY Appreciates Capitalism

    22. The Game of Life Has Nothing on Her

    21. She Rocks With Compliments

    20. She Certainly Has a Way With Words

    19. She Understands What is Important in Relationships

    18. She Knows How To... Put A Ring On

    17. She Finds Pleasure In the Little Things

    16. Anya Tries To Understand Things

    15. If This Is A Skill, Then I'm One Hell of a Tradesman

    14. She Has The Best Halloween Costumes

    13. She Knows Bunnies Are The Greatest Evil

    But Really...

    12. She REALLY Hates Bunnies

    11. When She Realizes She's Caught

    10. Her Patience is Unwavering

    9. She's Surprisingly Sensitive

    8. She Respects Her Elders*

    7. She's Aware Of Her Emotions

    6. She Is Existential

    5. She Attends Her Friend's Presentations

    4. She Doesn't Like Purple Stuff On Her Hands

    3. But She Knows How To Celebrate A Job Well Done

    2. She Always Has Time For Her Friends


    1. As For The Rest... I Swear That I'll Never Tell!