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16 Reasons Galavant Is The BEST Show You Never Watched

If the world gives you a "live-action Disney fairy-tale musical for adults," watch it! Or, don't and let it die like the monster you are. Here are 16 reasons you need to binge all 18 episodes. NOW.

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1. Alan Menken and Glenn Slater do the music

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The power couple behind the music of TANGLED (which was better than Frozen, btw) have been churning out original and hilarious tunes for 2 underappreciated seasons of Galavant.

Alan himself is a Disney God. Basically any amazing Disney song from the 90s... that was ALAN MENKEN composing. A Whole New World? Tale as Old as Time? Part of Your World? Yep.

Throughout the 2 seasons of Galavant you can hear his signature bits. He quotes himself, he parodies his own work, and he creates magnificent new love ballads and woman on woman rap battles to boot.

3. The cast are cinnamon rolls and should NEVER be out of work

I've never seen a group of actors so genuinely in love with their work. It shows in their interviews and tweets. Karen David has been a standout - her current campaign for #MoreGalavant is the most endearing thing yet.

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Mallory Jansen is the cutest awful person ever!

4. Did I mention the RAP BATTLE?!

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Karen David and Mallory Jansen can get it.


@AIMenken Would you please kindly answer this question: are the references to #Tangled in #Galavant intentional?

I don't think the nose is quite right on that #Galavant poster @GalavantABC

@AIMenken, @Dan_Fogelman, and I bonded while writing Tangled - so yes, its kind of embedded in the DNA of #Galavant!

6. This brilliant Summer Nights parody

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Timothy Omundson & Clare Foster

7. The most meta program since Community

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You can't go more than 10 mins without a 4th-wall break or figurative wink at the camera. These people KNOW they're in a musical.


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Yet they find clever ways to make them unlike any giants, dwarves, zombies, or dragons you've seen before... (YES, that's Nick Frost in this West Side Story parody!!)

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Kylie Minogue at a Gay Bar? Of course!

10. Bippity Boppity Boo ain't got nothin on Do the D'Dew!

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That's the Dark, Dark Evil Way. (Robert Lindsay & Mallory Jansen)

13. This song is the bastard daughter of Under The Sea

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14. The best "The People's Song" since Les Mis

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With a twist... (Luke Youngblood & Company)

16. If Monty Python, Princess Bride, & Mel Brooks Had a Baby... would be this show. Now ask yourself... why the Hell aren't you watching it? There are so many INCREDIBLE jokes and references I'm not spoiling.

Binge it now. Check it out on iTunes. Do it legally. Tweet at ABC and tell them you're loving it. Join the #MoreGalavant movement because Tad Cooper is a dragon... and we believe in him.

And don't ask me how 3 entities had a baby. Who cares, because it's Galavant, the most beautiful baby on Medieval Earth.

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