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    13 Awesome Songs From Foreign / Indie Female Vocalists!

    Foreign pop is just better than American. Lend an ear, sit yo booty in yo chair, & prepare for some aural satisfaction!

    In my quest to like better music than most people, I have discovered I prefer the female voice to male. I have also found a shocking pull towards singer/songwriters who create their own lyrics and tunes as well as women from other countries. I've noticed these artists also have great music videos... something that sets them apart from many of their boring American counterparts.

    I truly believe you will love these songs and, much like I did, seek out their other hits as well. Leave your thoughts and feedback below and raise your pitchforks for those I overlooked (or simply have yet to discover!).

    Let's start with an artist you probably have already heard of and then get into some more obscure choices! Onwards and awkwards!

    Ellie Goulding – The Writer (From: The UK)

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    Indie Pop / Synthpop

    Fabulous song about loving somebody more than they love you, and being desperate to fit in their heart. Her 2nd album, Halycon was released in 2012 and I also recommend “Burn.” Ellie is 26 which means I am older than her and have accomplished a lot less! D:

    And why don’t you be the artist?
    And make me out of clay?
    Why don’t you be the writer?
    And decide the words I say?’

    Laura Jansen - Queen Of Elba (From: The Netherlands)

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    Indie pop

    I love Laura. I've met her 3 times with my friend Jeanmarie and she knows who we are. Now that that's out-of-the-way, her two albums, Bells and Queen of Elba are must-listens. The title track from Bells is especially whimsical and beautiful.

    Keep your scarred heart
    Keep your pain
    I am an island of stone
    I go it better alone

    Lenka - Heart Skips a Beat (From: Australia)

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    Alternative pop

    Trying to pick ONE song almost killed me. Her music is fun to listen to and gets you moving... even the sad songs! Lenka is also another artist I've seen live, but unlike Lights, I've met her. She also just released her third album in June. I HIGHLY recommend "Trouble is a Friend" and "The Show" in addition to all her music and this song.

    I’m trying hard not to resist the joy
    Don’t listen to me I’m being paranoid
    I might try hard but it’s too hard to avoid

    Marit Larsen - If A Song Could Get Me You (From: Norway)

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    Pop / Folk

    Amazing song about the desperation of wanting "that person" to come back to you after a break up. SO. GOOD. Seriously, what are they feeding the women in Europe? Whatever it is produces fabulous catchy pop tunes. Marit is 30 and has released 3 albums, including one that came out in 2013. Unlike her previous albums, "Spark" is not released stateside. What a travesty.

    If you'd only see me
    I would prove my love for you
    I could swallow half the moon
    Just tell me where, tell me when

    Princess Chelsea - Too Fast To Live (From: New Zealand)

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    Synthpop / Indie Pop / Alternative

    Listen to Cigarette Duet, We're So Lost (her newest single). and everything and prepare for an ear-worm that's gonna take a long time to extricate. She's fantastic. She only has one album which was released in 2011 so HURRY UP and check it under the title Lil Golden Book and appreciate her catchy, yet astoundingly dark lyrics.

    Please dont drink so much
    I worry that you will die
    Too fast to live
    Is the stupidest saying
    I've heard in my life

    Lights - Siberia (From: Canada)

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    Synthpop / Indie Pop

    I frickin love Lights. Been jamming to her shiz for years. This tune is a great uptempo piece with hella beat and a bit of wub. This is the title track from her 2nd (and most recent) album. I saw her when she was touring with Owl City, but she didn't have these songs out yet. :( Lights is 26 too (and legally swapped "Valerie" for Lights, so what now?).

    We'll find ways to fill the empty
    Far from all the hysteria
    I don't care if we suddenly
    Find ourselves in Siberia

    Little Boots - The Remedy (From: The UK)

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    Synthpop / Nu-disco

    At 29, Ms. Boots is another example of the incredible talent that is possible prior to turning 30. Afterwards, it's all downhill. Ha. This ole ditty is one hell of a dance beat.

    Stop, stop praying 'cause I'm not not playing
    I'm not frozen, dancing is my remedy, remedy, oh

    Remi Nicole - Cupid Shoot Me (From: The UK)

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    Indie pop / Alternative

    I first heard this song in the brilliant film, Easy A, back in 2010. Remi's 2nd album in 2009 had the honor of featuring great fare like this and "In My Dreams" which I also recommend.

    I don't know how to love him,
    I don't know how to care for him,
    Cupid shoot me with your bow,
    So I know, how to love him so

    Amanda Mair - Sense (From: Sweden)

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    Indie Pop

    Super catchy song about being left by somebody you love. Amanda is 19 and her eponymous debut album hit the streets in 2012. Expect great things from her!

    And I stood and remembered how you left the scene
    As you were telling everybody about your dreams
    Many times I've been trying to leave you behind me
    So many times your ghost has followed me home

    Birdy - Wings (From: The UK)

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    Indie / Pop / Folk

    For those beautiful memories with someone that you'll always retain even as distance pulls you apart. Her 2nd album, Fire Within is due out September 27th across the Pond. Birdy is 17.

    Oh lights go down
    In the moment we're lost and found
    I just want to be by your side
    If these wings could fly

    Nina Nesbitt - Way in the World (From: Scotland)

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    Pop / Rock

    NIna is a 19-year-old talent that is preparing her debut album for the fall. Check her out!

    I'm working in a retail store
    It's not where I'm cutout for
    I live for my breaks
    I know there's something more

    Gabrielle Alpin - The Power of Love (From: The UK)

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    Folk / Pop / Indie

    A hauntingly gorgeous cover of an old song. *chills* Keep in mind, this artist is only 20 and her first LP, English Rain was just released in May. Sadly, there is not yet an American release. We don't really like good music here...

    Dreams are like angels
    They keep bad at bay
    Love is the light
    Scaring darkness away

    Kelly Sweet - Pictures and Numbers (From: USA [...HEEEY, WAIT A MINUTE!])

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    Synthpop / Pop

    Super cheating on this one... but whatever. Kelly is more famous in Japan than the USA despite being incredible and her 2nd album is actually out there, but not HERE. Seriously, are you noticing a trend with how awful our country is when it comes to releasing albums or supporting unique artists that aren't backed by "the man"? She is working on releasing an EP here this fall called "Sirens."

    For an example of her earlier work, check out her songs "We Are One" and "Dream On" (Yep, an ethereal Aerosmith cover). I also HIGHLY recommend My Amazing Grace, and You & I from her new album, Ashes of My Paradise, which is a soaring, emotional ballad written after she lost her mom to cancer. Tragically, she lost her dad to cancer as well months later. I just lost my grandma and if I thought THAT hurt... sheesh.

    I'm just a girl alone in a world,
    I try to break through,
    And pictures and numbers is all I'm amounting to