15 John Denver Songs That Are Better Than “Blurred Lines” By Robin Thicke

Music did exist before 2000. And sometimes, it was great. And sometimes (always), the lyrics don’t appear cemented within rape culture like those of “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke.

Who the heck is John Denver?

John Denver was a folk singer with amazing songwriting ability and vocal talent. He is one of those rare artists that sounds as good live as on the album.

John’s music is heavily influenced by his spiritual connection to nature. He wrote multiple songs about the beauty of Colorado, for example. Tragically, his life ended in a small plane crash in October 1997 at the age of 53. He left a strong legacy behind him… if only kids knew about this stuff!

I present to you, in no particular order, 15 amazing songs. Not all of these are off greatest hit compilations… some I just really enjoy. Share this with your friends who obsess over dubstep.

1. Annie’s Song

1974, from the album Back Home Again

BONUS: Rivers Cuomo (Lead Singer Of Weezer) Made A Cover

2. Rocky Mountain High

1972, from the album Rocky Mountain High

3. Sunshine On My Shoulders

1973, from the album Poems, Prayers, & Promises

4. Leaving On A Jetplane

1968, from the album Rhymes & Reasons. He wrote the song in 1966 and it was originally called “Babe, I Hate To Go.” Peter, Paul, and Mary recorded it first in 1966, but Denver was ultimately the songwriter.

5. Poems, Prayers, & Promises

1971, from the album Poems, Prayers, & Promises. John had a great relationship with Jim Henson and collaborated to release a movie and later a christmas album with the Muppets. So, what’s NOT to like? A lot cooler than those “Selena Gomez” collaborations the Muppets have stooped to now!

6. Back Home Again

1974, from the album Back Home Again

7. Take Me Home, Country Roads

1971, from the album Poems, Prayers, & Promises

8. I’m Sorry

1975, from the album Windsong

9. Calypso

1975, from the album Windsong

10. Looking For Space

1975, from the album Windsong

11. Sweet Surrender

1974, from the album Back Home Again

12. Thank God, I’m A Country Boy

1975, from the album Back Home Again

13. Aspenglow

1970, from the album Take Me To Tomorrow

14. Gospel Changes

1971, from the album Poems, Prayers, & Promises

15. Some Days Are Diamonds

1981, from the album Some Days Are Diamonds

BONUS: One Of Many Beatles Covers John Did - “Let It Be”

1971, from Poems, Prayers, & Promises

There are a lot more wonderful songs. Check out his discography. I would recommend “Fly Away” by John ft. Olivia Newton-John and “Dreamland Express” as good starting points for further research!

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