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9 Photos Of James Franco You'll Wish You'd Never Seen

*Can never unsee*

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When you think of James Franco, hopefully the following photos should never come to mind.

1. The Charles Bronson look

Luckily it's just for an upcoming movie.

2. The designer pasta look

Get that Gucci and Penne pasta.

3. The Johnny Depp look

I'm convinced this is actually Johnny Depp.


4. The love child of Kurt Cobain and Aaron Carter look

Time to go back to the '90s.

5. The '90s porn star look

*wishes James Franco were a porn star*

6. The white Mr. T look

Are those condom sideburns?

7. The I can't be bothered with attractive selfies look

I don't even know what's going on in this photo.


8. The Tommy Wiseau look

Stick to short hair James.

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