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    LA Art Barbie Is Changing The Way We Perceive Art & Fantasy

    LA Neo-pop artist, TalkAboutBarbie, believes Americans have lost their ability to fantasize and play.

    LA Art Barbie Is Changing The Way We Perceive Art & Fantasy

    TalkAboutBarbie / Via

    To influential LA Neo-pop/street artist, TalkAboutBarbie, there is no separation between real life and fantasy life and certainly no difference between work and play. In a city saturated with aspiring artists and performers, she has naturally dialed into a wavelength all of her own and separated her work and image from the rest of the herd. Her paintings are currently owned by numerous LA celebrities and collectors whom have championed her recent rise to success and sponsored her latest exhibitions.

    TalkAboutBarbies's work is reflection of her radiant personality and eccentric lifestyle. She made the exodus from New York City to LA alone at only fifteen years old seeking a more vibrant culture and climate in Hollywood. The mission of her journey has been resolute since day one; ignore critics, do whatever she feels like, and inspire her fans to follow in tune. Her paintings, fashion, and lifestyle exist in a bubbly pop-fantasy that she has designed for herself to live and create in and she strongly insists her work is merely a product of play.

    The rising young artist has ignored the gender stereotypes of street art as a man's game since her teen years when she would hit the streets of Brooklyn at the crack of dawn in high heels, a skirt, hoodie and spray can painting her name and logo on trains and walls. Her discipline and bravery eventually earned her the respect of seasoned New York street artists and graffiti writers. Recently, her pink glamour inspired fashion and unmistakable street art has become a local fixture in the LA art scene. Her logo can be seen on almost any busy street in the city.

    The young artist believes that generally speaking, Americans have lost their ability to play and fantasize. Her latest gallery titled “Live in Your World, Play in Mine” opening on July 7th at ALL(MOST) Gallery in West LA sponsored by the Dee Dee Jackson Foundation, invites fans and visitors to enter her fantasy world and confront their repressed imaginations. She fervently believes that she will play an integral role in teaching the next generation of youths to engage with their fantasies, indulge in their imaginations and ultimately create the world they want to live in.

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    TalkAboutBarbie describes her artistic vision and journey to success in Los Angeles.

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