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Custom Wine Glass

These wine glasses make the perfect gift!

Supplies required:
Dremel Stylo+
7103 Diamond Wheel Point
Wine glasses
Marker pen
Bubble wrap
Dark-colored fabric
Sticky tape
Kitchen roll
Silicone mat, or other non-slip surface
Eye protection
Dust mask


1. Start by making a soft base to rest the glass on – wrap a few layers of bubble wrap around a piece of cardboard, taping in place as you go. Then wrap this in fabric of your choice. Lay it on the table and place a silicone mat on top of the fabric.

2. Design your artwork by either drawing it freehand or printing it.

3. Use tape to secure the design to the inside of the glass.

4. Trace the design onto the glass using the marker pen. A small piece of kitchen roll placed inside the glass will help you see the marks.

5. Put on your safety glasses and dust mask, and begin to etch the outline using the DREMEL STYLO+ and the 7103 Diamond Wheel Point.

6. Continue etching the outline. Proceed to add shading detail as desired.

7. Vacuum your work area and clean the glass to remove any debris.

8. Enjoy this perfect gift for a wine night!